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Our available and knowledgeable resources, customer and solution orientation, technology-based capabilities, and strong cross-industry partnerships create the unique value proposition that lies at the heart of every GMI contract and relationship.

Extending equipment life & reliability with services from GMI
Major electrical equipment manufacturers generally require annual maintenance for power circuit breakers to ensure proper operation and maintain equipment warranties. Even with annual maintenance, however, critical equipment commonly requires additional upkeep and upgrades. The need for additional maintenance varies due to factors such as ambient operating temperature, humidity, cleanliness of the operating environment, operating duty cycle, and frequency of maintenance the circuit breaker has received.

GMI is focused on delivering these key services in order to extend equipment life and keep plant facilities safe and running at optimal efficiency:

Engineering Services

Industrial Control Refurbishing & Upgrades

Low Voltage Power Equipment & Circuit Breaker Refurbishing and Upgrades

On-Site Preventive Maintenance, Maintenance Contracts, Emergency Services & Disaster Recovery

Medium Voltage Power Equipment and Circuit Breaker Refurbishing and Upgrades

New Installations